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  • Our Multi-Games are Proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A. and constructed using ALL BRAND NEW TOP QUALITY COMMERCIAL GRADE COMPONENTS.  We sell the HIGHEST QUALITY MULTI-GAMES you will find anywhere.  Many of the so-called 'new' multi-game arcade machines out there contain used parts.   Our machines contain 100% Brand New parts.  This INCLUDES:  NEW Cabinets, NEW Graphics, NEW Monitors, NEW Joysticks, NEW Wiring, NEW Power Supplies, NEW Coin Doors, NEW Everything.  And we back up our machines with a 1 year guarantee on all electronic parts.  Be sure to ask the other guys if they use ALL brand new parts.... WE DO !
  • Our wooden cabinets are professionally made using a computer controlled CNC router.  The quality of the construction is TOP NOTCH.  You will not find nicer cabinets anywhere.
  • All joysticks, trackballs, push buttons and coin doors are heavy duty commercial grade parts.
  • THESE ARE TRUE ARCADE GAMES.  Every part that goes into our machines meets or exceeds the quality of the original parts used back in the 80's.  These games run on very reliable ARCADE HARDWARE, NOT PC or computer hardware.  We do NOT sell emulators or mame machines.  When you buy a game from us, you can feel confident that it is a REAL ARCADE GAME that will work right every time you turn it on for years to come.
  • Each of our multi-game units has a menu system that allows the player to use the joystick or trackball to scroll through pictures of all of the games for easy selection of the game they wish to play.
  • All of our machines come with a coin door set up for Free Play.  Coin Play set up is available as well.
  • If you compare our BRAND NEW games to used games, you will see that NEW is the way to go.  Used games typically have damaged cabinets, smell like smoke and have burned in display screens.  Do you really want something like that in your home ?  And worst of all, used games have electronic parts that are 20 to 30 years old.  Decades of wear and tear will cause most components to fail without warning.  Many customers find, that for a slightly larger investment, they can purchase one of our NEW Multi-Games.  So not only are they getting a New RELIABLE Machine, they are gaining many extra games !  You would have to fill your entire basement in order to house all the games we offer in our machines and it would cost tens of thousands of dollars.   Or you can buy just one NEW machine that takes up only 6 sq ft of floor space for an incredibly low price. 
  • We think the choice is very simple.  Why not purchase a New C.I.D. AMUSEMENTS Multi-Game machine today ? 

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