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GOLDEN TEE 2005 games feature: NEW CABINETS, NEW MONITORS, NEW DECALS, NEW CONTROL PANELS, NEW CONTROLS, NEW WIRING, NEW POWER SUPPLIES and REFURBISHED ORIGINAL GAME BOARDS.  Golden Tee 2005's come in your choice of sizes listed below.  Mini-size Cabinet Dimensions:  25" W x 33" D x 72" H.  Approx. Weight:  250 lbs.  Full Size Cabinet Dimensions:  32" W x 44" D x 75" H.  Approx. Weight:  350 lbs.

Golden Tee 2005 mini-size cab & 19" monitor $2749

Golden Tee 2005 mini-size cab & 25" monitor $2849

Golden Tee 2005 full-size cab & 27" monitor $2999

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